ITAA Board of Trustees

Diane Salters, President (2017 - 2019)

Diane Salters, MSc, TSTA (Psychotherapy), has been a member of the ITAA since the early 1980s.  She lived in the United Kingdom for 25 years where she received her TA training and integrative training at Metanoia. Twenty years ago she returned to her native South Africa where she now lives and works.  She is a recipient of the Hedges Capers Humanitarian Award.
      Diane has served on the ITAA Board of Trustees as regional representative for Africa, on the ethics committee, and as chair of the Eric Berne Fund for the Future and the Scholarship Fund committees. She is previously the VP for Research and Innovation and had a particular interest in the publication of The Script and the Transactional Analysis Journal.
      Diane values the international TA community and offers Skype supervision to trainees in various parts of the world. She is committed to maintaining the ITAA’s valuable role within that community.

Elana Leigh, President-Elect (2018 - 2019)

In accepting the position of president-elect, here are some of my thoughts. The ITAA holds the history and evolution of transactional analysis and has represented the parent organization of the international transactional analysis community offering a home for members in the world. Many national and regional organizations are today strong and flourishing, which reflects the success of the metaphorical parent. Its work is perhaps mostly done and its legacy strong. However, the process of letting go of the “children” does leave the “parent” with many questions about its meaning and role in the life of the global TA community. Being transactional analysts, we work with the principle of healing the past in the present to ensure a healthier future. It is this belief system that informs me when I consider where and who ITAA is today in 2018. Who we were and what was needed from the association is possibly no longer true today, leaving us asking some pertinent questions: Who are we today and what is required of the association? How do we honor and hold history without strangling new life? How can history be held with integrity and reverence and not resentment? In these challenging times, it is essential we find the courage to ask these questions and explore options, however difficult they may be. I have been a member of this association since 1983, have served on the board and the training standards committee and have been the TEW co-coordinator for many years. I have been a TSTA since 1998 and since 1992 a trainer at both the CTA and TSTA levels as well as training in many countries. My desire and intention in serving as president-elect is to lead the ITAA with integrity and to facilitate decisions for the good of our members, ensuring ITAA’s relevance. In doing this, I would hope to integrate old and new ways, potentially helping to be part of the journey in moving the ITAA out of any repetitive patterns and paving the way for a paradigm change that has integrity with regard to the past, present, and future.

John Oates, Treasurer (2018 - 2021)


John is a chartered accountant (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales - ICAEW). After qualification in 1975 with what is now PwC, he specialized in IT and Business Systems. In the mid-1980s, he joined what is now RSM (UK) in Manchester as partner in charge of IT, managing the firm’s own systems and providing IT consultancy services. During this time, the business grew substantially. John has been a member of the Technical Committee of the ICAEW’s IT Faculty since 1989, chairing it for 7 years, and then chairing the faculty itself for the maximum 4-year period. He retired as a partner in RSM in 2011, remaining as a consultant for 2 years. He continues to conduct software reviews for the ICAEW’s IT Accreditation Scheme, helping him keep up to date with the fast changes in the software industry. John has a number of voluntary roles. He is treasurer of a local group supporting the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales, where he has volunteered since 1969. John is Director, Business Systems at Ffestiniog Travel, being influential in upgrading their systems, putting most of them in The Cloud. He is also chairman of the Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association (400+ members) and chair of the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership. His wish is to see ITAA’s systems run slickly and for the executive and board of trustees to have appropriate information to inform their decisions as the ITAA develops.

Sumithra Sharatkumar, Secretary (2017 - 2020)

It is a great honor and privilege for me to become ITAA Secretary. I started my TA journey 15 years ago in Bangalore, India, where I received all of my training. After moving to Singapore, I joined the regional TA association (TAAS) and served as secretary on their executive committee for 5 years. My career in counseling has included both individual clients and group workshops on the use of TA in parenting. I was fortunate to cofound the Social Psychology Meet-Up Group of Singapore, where I had opportunities to organize group sessions on a variety of topics for young adults—from dating and office politics to advertising and more, all within a TA framework. I deeply treasure this multicultural experience because it taught me to think on my feet about the different ways TA concepts can be used effectively in real-life situations. I now live in Malaysia, and my work centers on parents, students, and teachers within a school community. I have served as the chair of the ITAA Nominations Committee since 2011 and have learned an immense amount about the workings, goals, and aspirations of the association. As secretary to the ITAA Board of Trustees, I will continue the good work done by my predecessors in spreading TA awareness to larger, more diverse audiences. Having already practiced counseling in different countries, I look forward to working with the various international organizations in the field using TA as a global language to connect countries and cultures.