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Engaging with Destructiveness-itaa-eata joint webinar


ITAA and EATA cordially invite you to join us on February 15th 2023 at a joint webinar where the guest speaker Diana Deaconu will lead us in a thoughtful reflection on “Engaging with Destructiveness - Meeting Disturbing Aspects of Experience from a Place of Curiosity Instead of Reactivity.”

Guest Speaker Diana Deaconu is a Certified Transactional Analyst who works as a psychotherapist in private practice in Bucharest, Romania. She has a Master’s Degree in Anthropology and served for many years as a co-editor of the TAJ.

This webinar invites participants to reflect individually and in small groups on what is evoked in us when we come up against destructive aspects of our own and others’ psyches. Diana will draw on transgenerational trauma theory and the work of Elaine Scarry, whose book The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World raises questions about how to develop ways to maintain or restore connections with humanity in situations of intense violence and destructiveness.

[Scarry E. (1995). The Body in Pain. The Making and Unmaking of the World. Oxford University Press.]

Diana will pose questions such as:
• Is this process a private endeavour, a collective effort, or both?
• Does the capacity to restore or maintain the connection to humanity lie in the power of our imagination and/or the capacity to transform grief?

The webinar is open to practitioners from all fields of application. The timings are as follows:-

03.00 PST (Pacific Standard time)
06.00 EST (Eastern Standard time)
08.00 BRT (Brazil)
11.00 GMT/UTC (UK)
12.00 CET (Central Europe)
13.00 EET (Romania)
16.30 IST (India)
20.00 JST (Japan)

These events will not be recorded.


3-5 June 2022
The conference has ended but it's not too late to purchase recordings of all the workshops and keynotes.
In the midst of the terrible experiences of the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine, both of which have affected the entire world, we need as a scientific community to come together, feel the power of belonging, and regenerate through sharing knowledge, training, and hearing others’ perspectives. In particular, important reflections on the serious challenges we face today will be offered by our four keynote speakers, including Richard Mollica, the director of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, who will talk about tackling the global refugee crisis. The goal of this ITAA online conference is to invigorate the physis in each of us to help us be courageous and resilient in adapting to our difficult times.