IBOC Certification & Examinations Handbook

The ITAA and EATA handbooks are the same with minor exceptions; check for any changes or updates with your exam coordinator or any member of PSC/IBOC if you need clarification.

Changes are notified to trainers through The Update and also published in The Script before being included in the Handbook.  Remember that there may be further national requirements for accreditation as a counselor or psychotherapist – please check with your national association. The most recent update was made in March 2020.

Covid-19 Statement

TA-101, ongoing TA training and supervision delivered online counts as regular TA training, as long as it is provided by 101 instructors and (P)TSTA's of ITAA.
This is to clarify IBOC's position during this time of the pandemic. IBOC is also in the process of a more substantial review of online training and examination as a long-term option. 

Translations of the EATA Handbook in French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian and Russian can be found on the EATA website  and a Japanese translation of the ITAA Handbook on the TAAJ website.

section 0.pdf Index Definition of the abbreviations and Index of the sections
section 1.pdf   Introduction    An introduction to TA, an introduction to the Professional Standards Division of ITAA, acknowledgments, updating policy, abbreviations,
explanation of terms and abbreviations, the four fields, contact details.
section 2.pdf    Status of Training    The status of training, mutual recognitions, the training process, trainers' responsibilities, national and regional requirements for psychotherapy and/or counseling.
section 3.pdf Ethics    ITAA statement of ethics, ethics principles, summary of procedures for ethics charges against ITAA members.
section 4.pdf    TA101    The official TA 101 course: purpose, requirements and certification, the TA 101 course outline, the TA 101 written examination, endorsement of CTAs as TA 101 instructors, winners of the Eric Berne Memorial Award.
section 5.pdf    The Four Fields  Introduction to the four fields of specialization - brief descriptions, the core competencies.
section 6.pdf    Training Contracts  Introduction, filing of ITAA contracts and payment of fees, selecting a field of specialization, extending a contract, cancelling a contract, changing a supervisor, changing field of specialization, exceptions for supervisors of CTA and TSTA training contracts, expansions for supervisors of CTA and TSTA training contracts.
section 7.pdf   Overview of CTA Examination  Introduction, eligibility for the CTA exam, the examination timetable.
section 8.pdf    CTA Written Examination Introduction and overview, the counseling written examination, the educational and organizational written examinations, the psychotherapy written examination, marking the written examination, appeals procedures for the written examination.
section 9.pdf    CTA Oral Examination  Introduction, procedure, instructions for candidates, instructions for examiners, the function of the chairperson, the function of the process facilitator, the function of the observer, guidelines for oral examination with translation, exceptional circumstances, appeal procedures.
section 9 addendum.pdf CTA oral exam addendum Addendum to Section 9 Procedures for on-line CTA exams
section 10.pdf The Training Endorsement Workshop (TEW)  Nature and purposes of the Training Endorsement Workshop, participants, registration for the TEW, TSTA, supervision and letters of recommendation, materials for the TEW, organization of a TEW, staffing of a TEW, the TEW program, feedback, requirements and recommendation from TEW staff, the TSTA contract, content outline for the TEW, the Training Proposal Outline (TPO).
Revised December 2020
section 11.pdf    TSTA Examination  Introduction, eligibility for examination as a TTA, STA or TSTA, supervision, PTSTA records of training and supervising hours, applying for the examination, withdrawal from the examination, the examination, the scoring procedure, guidelines for examiners in the TSTA examination, guidelines for supervisees in the supervision section of the TSTA exam, partial completion of the exam.
section 11 addendum.pdf

TSTA Examination addendum

Addendum to Section 11 Procedures for on-line TSTA exams
section 12.pdf Forms & Official Documents  All forms and documents as listed in above sections. (See page with individual forms.)