ITAA Membership Benefits

Members of the ITAA receive:

  • A year’s subscription to the quarterly Transactional Analysis Journal (TAJ) in hard copy and/or online
  • A year’s subscription to The Script, the association’s monthly newsletter
  • Registration discounts for ITAA international conferences
  • Attendance at the Annual General Meeting
  • Invitations to ITAA's webinars, workshops, and other events
  • The ability to you share in the rich heritage of transactional analysis as well as the community of committed individuals who are taking TA into the 21st century in a meaningful way

Memberships are confirmed once your payment has been verified. This may take up to a week, particularly if you are a student and/or you do not use our online payment portal.

Our TAlent program for reduced membership dues

Our TAlent program was created to make membership economically accessible to everyone.  We do this by adjusting membership dues based on economic conditions in different nations around the world. Click here for a current list of TAlent countries.

Membership categories and annual dues:

Regular Member - $185 A voting membership, with an annual hard copy of the TAJ and access to the full back catalog of the online TAJ. 

Supporting Member - $135  A voting membership for professionals who support the humanistic goals of the ITAA, with an annual hard copy of the TAJ, and online access to the TAJ back catalog for the current and one previous year.

Student Member - $90 A voting membership offering digital access to the full TAJ back and current catalog (without receiving a paper copy of the Journal). Admission to this class is appropriate for individuals who are students of transactional analysis on an ongoing basis. This can apply to part-time or full-time students on TA-based programs. Applicants must provide endorsement by either a Provisional Training and Supervising Analyst, a Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst, or a university. Student members must join (or renew their membership annually) by completing a Student/Trainee Status Verification Form and make an online payment. New students can create an online profile and make a payment via the website or can complete one of the offline membership forms. 

Retired Member - $120 A voting membership for retired professionals who support the humanistic goals of the ITAA, with digital access to the full TAJ back catalog.

Honorary Members - No Dues A voting membership with an annual hard copy of the TAJ and access to the full back catalog of the TAJ online. They receive full service without fee for whatever period of time is determined by the BOT.

Emeritus Membership A lifelong, voting, nondues-paying membership with all benefits except receipt of and online access to the Transactional Analysis Journal. The ITAA Board of Trustees will consider granting emeritus membership to those who have been members for 45 years or more, are no longer in active practice, and have received some recognition from the ITAA in the past (such as an award). Emeritus membership is considered on request (by self or other members) and limited to a maximum of three per year.

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