Professional Standards Committee

  • Works in association with the IBOC (International Board of Certification) and sets standards for training and supervision for all levels of professional membership.
  • Sets the Code of Ethics for transactional analysts.
  • Establishes professional member nomenclature.
  • Makes recommendations about requirements to the Board of Certification.
  • Monitors the ongoing professional development needs of professional members.
  • Sets standards and publishes guidelines for professional behavior, presentation, and advertisement, including the use of the ITAA logo and Service Mark.
  • Oversees and reviews professional practices.
  • Receives and assesses complaints regarding matters concerning professional practices.
  • Intervenes or mediates disputes in order to resolve complaints, and shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees or the Ethics Committee if necessary.
Co-Chairs Charlotte Daellenbach, Janice Dowson
Editor: The Handbook Charlotte Daellenbach
Editor: The Update Janice Dowson
Committee Members Joanna Beazley Richards

Please address all inquiries regarding  training standards, the ITAA Code of ethics, and the Professional Practices Guidelines to: